The Classic Soul

April 11, 2014 / Trendboards /

The Classic Soul Trend board

The Classic Soul, trend was inspired by another awesome friend of mine. She is a warm, family oriented person and loves her classic design. The main icons on this trend consist of damasks and Fleur de Lis.

The Craft Kitten

April 9, 2014 / Trendboards /

The Craft Kitten Trend board

The Craft Kitten, trend was inspired by a friend  and her love for crafts, cats, and cupcakes. The stripes, wood grain, and polka-dots make me think craft and her love of her two cats, Fluffy-Fluff and Orangie made this trend board come together.

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Fringe Leather Trendboard

March 28, 2014 / Trendboards /

Fringe leather

Trendboard #11

This trend was inspired by Urban Outfitters. I am inspired by todays interesting, crazy fashions. I thought I’d devote a few months of trend boards to fashion. The purpose of basing my research on fashion and accessories was to create my own research and target market for stores, like Urban Outfitters. Basically, taking what they are selling and showing it as a trend into today’s world. My research proved to be very interesting the two women consumers/shoppers at Urban Outfitters seemed to be very opposite to me. Continue Reading →

Hipster Animals

January 26, 2014 / Trendboards /


Trendboard #10

This trend was inspired by my passion for illustration and design with the whimsical nature added to it. I love that now 80’s glasses are cool, dressing up in a tie makes you
popular and sporting a beard makes you sexy. I think that these little cartoon versions are so fun and I can not wait to show you what I come up with for this trend.

The Natural Man

January 26, 2014 / Trendboards /


Trendboard #9

This trend is based off of my husband Kyle. He loves to go camping and being outdoors, but the all natural way. I created this trend entry based of his love of the outdoors. Its full of all natural materials, linen and wood and the overall feel of nature and peace.

Geo Party

January 25, 2014 / Trendboards /


Trendboard #8

This trend of geos and arrows mixed with a bohemian feel have inspired me in art and design. The mix of chevron and overlapping colors are the main focal points for this journal entry. The teal and red color combo makes me happy too!

Hand Lettering

January 7, 2014 / Trendboards /
Hand Lettering-1


Journal Entry #7

Hand Lettering is something I’ve been interested in doing more of. I have wanted to try using different mediums to create my own fonts. I love the idea of adding doodles, watercolor and ink to my designs.

Colors Picks: Black, Bright Teal, Coral, Yellow, Gray, Sky Blue, Orange

Icon Picks: Typography, Hand Drawn letters


Chalk Typography

January 6, 2014 / Trendboards /
Chalk Typography-1


Journal Entry #6

The Chalk Typography is very popular style in design right now. I love the idea of taking something like a chalkboard and adding type to it. It just seems like this style could be popular for a while. It reminds me of being a child and drawing on the black board. My little girl won’t even see one because they would have something high tech when she goes to school. Its sad chalkboards are vintage.

Colors Picks: Black, White, Gray, Chalk

Icon Picks: Typography



Cute Goth

January 6, 2014 / Trendboards /
Cute Goth-1


Journal Entry #4

The Cute Goth was my inspired by Alexander McQueen, I saw his collection in NYC. I love the cute lace clothes, paired with skulls, bones and studs. The dark style mixed with femiant style that anyone could love.

Color Picks: Black, White, Gray, Black Lace, White Lace, Gold Stud, Fishnets

Icon Picks: Skulls, bones, ribs, hearts, bats


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