The Bully Project Poster

June 1, 2014 / Inspiration, Uncategorized /
The Bully Project Poster-1

I just watched the movie “The Bully Project.”

The movie brought me to tears-not just like one tear but the kind of sobbing for 20 minutes-can’t breathe-flash backs-about-bullying-in-my-life-tears.

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LOVE Stationary

January 22, 2014 / Uncategorized /
LOVE Stationary-1

Love Birds on

Valentines Day is coming up, so LOVE is in the air. This vector design, was created in Adobe Illustrator. Each letter was designed to have its own elements. The L had a word bubble, the O a banner, V has 2 love birds and the E has a scallop shape. Each letter has its own unique background, from stripes, polka-dots and hearts. Every element in the design is easy to edit and take apart as separate design pieces.

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