How to be an Authentic Designer

How to be an authentic designer

So you can find your true brand and be you

How to be authentic is very difficult in a world of social media marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so forth. It is hard to be yourself because nobody is showing who they really are, hiding behind a facade of happy images, positive quotes, filters and showing only the moments that are worth sharing.

I believe being an authentic person means not compromising your integrity, your values, or your heart. Being honest is the hardest thing that I feel everyone is struggling with, but honesty to me is authenticity.

A brand is a color scheme, a logo, a feeling and a style. With all these things combined, it creates or evokes emotion inspiration or passion. A brand, an effective brand is designed to express your sense of style and show someone who you are, in the simplest of ways.

There are so many brands, logos, marketing campaigns and advertisements it’s hard to break everything down and see the true brand and authenticity behind it. But when you do you see it for what it is and you have feelings about things from cleaning products like Dawn soap who works with oil clean-ups for animals to Starbucks who works with hiring veterans. The feelings about this place are strong and you either support their brand or you do not. I do not personally support places who have come out against LGBTQ communities or active support hatred, bigotry or misogyny. Authenticity for me is spending more money or driving further to support companies and products that I believe in that support animals, the Earth, and give back to the communities.


Nike’s mission statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” The legendary University of Oregon track and field coach, and Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman said, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Nike is one of the top brands out there for Footwear and it’s recognizable by everyone, the simple Swoosh and Nike words instantly give you the feeling of power, energy, inspiration, and strength. That little tiny Swoosh has the ability to make a consumer feel something and strive to be powerful, inspirational and strong when they have those shoes on they are fearless. At least that’s what their campaign and their designs have displayed for many years. They have a reputation and they break the mold for being who they are.

As a designer and an artist authenticity remain about who you are on the inside and what values you want to portray to the world yourself clients and your friends. Your reputation in the design world is invaluable to your future and being authentic. My advice is to remain clear, level-headed, honest and brave in a world full of people with fake facades stay true to who you are and stick with your morals and values.

Deep down we are all struggling with authenticity we are all struggling with finding our place in the world and we are all fighting to bring a positive message to it. Authenticity is the number one thing you can do to your designs, working with clients and colleagues.

You may be the top designer in your class have gotten Straight A’s and have landed your dream job but if you don’t have authenticity, humility, and honesty you will not move far in the design world. Stay stagnant and people will communicate and you will know that authenticity is the key to success it to success in not only design world but in the world in general.

So maybe post how you really are because being who you really are will set you free from feeling trapped in a world of pretend.

• Move Away from the computer

• Turn off your phone

• Look around you

• Talk to real people in person

• Be honest with people about your opinions

Life is I is waiting for you to live now. Only live for yourself, don’t live for others because no one wants to live in regret. You may have to choose the path less traveled I know I have, it’s a lot harder but I am strong and capable of any challenge that comes my way.

So how do I become an authentic designer I designed my life around who I am.


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