Memorial Day Give-a-way

May 24, 2014 / Contests /


Contest ended May 27, 2014 






The Natural Man

January 26, 2014 / Trendboards /


Trendboard #9

This trend is based off of my husband Kyle. He loves to go camping and being outdoors, but the all natural way. I created this trend entry based of his love of the outdoors. Its full of all natural materials, linen and wood and the overall feel of nature and peace.

The Logo Experiment

January 5, 2014 / Trendboards /
The Logo Experiment-1



Journal Entry #3

The Logo Experiment was a crazy idea I had to get stronger at designing logos. The experiment would be taking real companies logos and rebrand them.

Colors: Black, Blush Pink, Navy, Gray, Dark Gray, Pale Peach, Pale Teal

Icons: Any and all logos with an emphasis on Typography

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