Watercolor Pattern Tutorial

September 7, 2014 / Tutorials /
5 Simple Steps to create this beautiful watercolor flower pattern

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Watercolor Explosion

January 5, 2013 / Trendboards /
Watercolor Explosion-1

Trendboard-WatercolorJournal Entry #1

Watercolor Explosion was inspired by love of watercolor. The idea for this trend journal entry was to find trendy icons, like feathers, fashion, and animals. I am going to post watercolor images, that are inspired by this journal entry.

Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Pale Teal, Bubble Gum Pink, Spicy Red, Purple, Navy

Icons: Owls, feather, faces, girls dresses, deer, flowers, alphabet

Each trend journal I post will be inspiration for future work. Once I complete 12 trend boards I will start posting art with them.

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