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I just watched the movie “The Bully Project.”

The movie brought me to tears-not just like one tear but the kind of sobbing for 20 minutes-can’t breathe-flash backs-about-bullying-in-my-life-tears.

I’m a graphic designer and I created my own version of a poster to show how much the movie helped me and healed me. There are 3 hands, playing the classic game, “rock, paper, scissor.” Each hand is unique and has a fun trait of charisma to the design. I wanted to have many meanings in the poster, like the fist means physically pain, the hand is raised like to ask a question or like to caution something and the scissors, is peace and scissors cut. Its not an amazing poster design but that’s not the point. I made it for me, and it helped me think that I should write more about who I am and who I was.

I think the reason why people are starting to listen to these kids in this generation about bullying, is because of the amount of suicides, violence and weapons, we see plastered over the TV, internet, and news. It breaks my heart. I felt I needed to do something but I had no idea how to show that I’m a strong advocate for this Anti-bulling movement. For example, these two

This is why I created the poster.

I am 27 years old, I never realized I carry that pain of being bullied, inside of me but I know it slowly eats away you. I have a 6 month daughter, and I am afraid for her. I can teach her manners, tolerance, love, and compassion. I can try instill those things to her, but the day to day of school starts to knock those who are different down for no reason. I have always been weird, crazy and talkative. I never thought there was anything wrong with me. But when you’re bullied you start think there is. I know exactly what the kids in the movie were going through and it all came flooding back in the depths of my mind, seeing it on film.

I was bullied in school. I never knew that it wasn’t “normal.” People didn’t like me. I didn’t know why and I for the most part, didn’t care, shrugging it off. People didn’t like me for no reason, I never bothered anyone and kept to myself on the bus, put my headphones on and tried to block noise. It starts to get lonely and you start to realize being alone sometimes is better than being with people who are always putting other people down. I had my best two best friends but I felt like writing, drawing, and singing were my outlet for stresses like this.

I am sitting in the Vice Principle office one day in high school, and she preceded to tell me that, someone over heard girls talking about “jumping me on the way to the bus.” I didn’t know what to think. I thought if I get into a fight, would I be strong enough to fight them off, brave enough not to cry and powerful enough to handle it on my own?

You just don’t tell adults things, its not cool. And ‘narcing’ is just another way to get bullied. When you try and defend someone whose getting bullied they start to attack you and you become target number one. Its an endless cycle.

These kids in this movie are so brave and amazing to me, that they would share their story not just online but in a film millions of people will see. These kids are my heroes. They gave me the confidence to start being who I am again. I will not be afraid anymore.

Flash backs
I had frizzy curly hair and I remember people throwing spit balls in it.
People gossiping about me, I didn’t know.
Instant Message, people who I thought were friends of mine would personally tell me horrible things about myself.
Threats on the bus from girls who wanted to fight me.

“I wonder what provoked them to target me?”

I rose above. I remember my mom saying, “If I cared what people think of me, I’d never leave the house.”

I try and be a good person everyday. In student government, I made this slide show movie, with stereotypes of people, like blonds are dumb and tired to prove it wrong with photography. I was trying to use that movie to show a girl in the class that hating someone for their opinion, or who they love, or what they look like doesn’t matter. But I’m not sure if she ever got the message. I regret not standing up for people who were getting attacked in school, but the photography was my way of contributing to make people see.

My husband, is the best person in the world, he always sees the good in the people and he’ll give his last dollar to someone who needs it. He told me he got bullied from his own football team mates and one guy on the team, years later called him and Apologized. That means that guy changed for the better. He knew he was hurting someone and made amends. I’m not condoning what he did to hurt, my husband but it does make me feel there is hope in people.

Labels, stereotypes and differences will always be apart of life, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for change, prevention and education.

I challenge you! Principles, administrators, teachers, parents, friends, kids, co-workers and the government to start LISTENING to the problems of our youth. These kids, my daughter is the future and we need to listen NOW with an open heart and mind, that there is something wrong with they way we are teaching, handling bullying and educating tolerance.

I signed the movement. Sign it too at

Remember, you are strong, amazing and no one is defined by one word.

“Labels are for organizing-not for people”