Watercolor Pattern Tutorial

September 7, 2014 / Tutorials /
5 Simple Steps to create this beautiful watercolor flower pattern



Step 1 – Create Watercolor Flowers

I started with creating watercolor flowers using my Revees art palette and Strathmore watercolor notebook. I created a pack of leaves, a rose bud, two open flower, two side flowers, one leaf and one single flower. They were not perfect but that’s is where the computer magic comes in.

Step 2 – Scan the Flowers

I just used my Epson Workforce 500 scanner, it worked great. I opened Adobe Photoshop and went to file, IMPORT FROM DEVICE and the flowers opened up in a new document.

Step 3 – Crop. Clean. Copy.

This step took me the longest because I made some decisions about deleting flowers and editing. So, first I cut out each flower and create separate layers for each one. Then I deleted the background quickly using the Marquee too. I wanted it to be as natural looking as possible, but I did go in and clean the sharp edges around the watercolor images. I made copies of leaves and created a new leaf completely. Lastly, I color corrected and brightened the flowers to my taste.

Step 4 – Save Photoshop. Embed in Illustrator.

This step is simple. Save your Adobe Photoshop file and place your image now into Adobe Illustrator. You can create patterns in Photoshop but I prefer Illustrator for this task. Once, I created a 12″ x 12″ document and went to FILE>PLACE IMAGE and then went to the top and hit the EMBED button.

Step 5 – Make a Pattern.

This is the fun part. I created duplicates of my flowers and leaves, in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. I started in the middle with one flower, and added leaves and kept adding until I liked what it looked like. I went to OBJECT>PATTERN>MAKE and created my pattern. There were some gaps in between the pattern, but with some simple editing, and adding some flowers the file pattern came together.

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I hope you enjoyed my simple tutorial. If you did, leave a comment below.